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Friends of ADHD Coach Sheila

Neurodivergent Coaching Network

My mission has always been making coaching as easy and accessible for as many people as possible.


A big part of that has been collaborating with other coaches so I can provide a holistic and diverse learning space for my clients.


Over the last couple of years, I have facilitated groups and taught with some incredible coaches, and I wanted a place to showcase them!


Enter: Friends of ADHD Coach Sheila! A collection of my favorite ADHD, autistic, and neurodivergent coaches.

Keep scrolling to read more about the coaches I work with, and get to know the folks you might see in my classes!


Meet The Coaches!

Lena Townsell

Lena Townsell has been in tune with her creative side as long as she’s been able to control her hands. Her mother engaged her in painting, drawing, art classes, etc., because “it was the only way to keep [her] still, calm, and focused”. Since then, she has honed her skills by dabbling in any medium that catches her interest; her specialties are drawing, painting, ceramics/sculpture, and other forms of found object work. She has some moderate skill in digital art, mindful stitching, photography, collage, and singing. 

Lena is going to school at George Washington University for Art Therapy. She aims to become a Clinical-Community Psychologist, using her art therapeutic skills and her research knowledge, and clinical knowledge, to reach populations that are not as comfortable with therapy, nor as commonly reached, such as where she grew up on the West Side of Chicago.


She aims to use her accrued experience, artistic skills, and cultural background to connect with those populations, and channel what comes naturally to them and already brings them comfort to guide them into deeper healing. When asked what her professional statement is, she always responds with some version of, “to help others to be the best versions of themselves, and empower them with whatever tools they need that I can provide to be successful according to their standards.”


She has worked with mixed populations, from children as young as 5, to seniors, and aims to continue to do as much as she can for whatever populations she has the honor of serving.

If you're interested in working with Lena please send an email to

Ben Murphy

Ben Headshot.jpg

By and large, men in this culture are taught to keep themselves separate. This can often be framed in a positive light as strong stoic independence. But too often the messages telling men how to be are insidiously driving them away from  healthy connection with themselves, those around them, and the greater world they exist within.

  Ben Murphy has been studying, deconstructing, and working to transform our inherited frameworks of masculinity since 2017. Confronted by his own conflicted relationship with the word “masculinity”, he was drawn into a literary sphere populated by psychologists, poets, and myth tellers known as the mythopoetic men’s movement.

    Rather than finding a sense of clarity or objective “truth” about masculinity, he instead found himself walking a path, discovering a textured and diverse landscape full of possibility. Certain writers in this movement seemed to arrive at codified ideas and definitions of “the masculine”, but the insistence of Ben’s inquiry brought him continually onward, to a recognition of the need to forgo any rigid system or categorization. His approach invites a contextual, relational understanding and prioritizes curiosity over certainty and fixed definitions.

    His work doesn’t apply exclusively to men. What he offers is relevant for anyone who has been conditioned by the story of masculinity told in our consumer-conformist-domination based culture. Consider this an invitation to begin what promises to be a profound journey of growth towards a deeper experience of relationality.

If you're interested in working with Ben please send an email to

Laura Barito

Laura Headshot.jpeg

Laura has been an athlete her whole life.  She topped off her college career with NCAA individual titles in two different sports, a feat that has never been accomplished by any other NCAA athlete.  She graduated with a mechanical engineering degree, but decided to pursue a career more focused on athletics. 


She made two CrossFit regional appearances before turning to weightlifting.  She has since made 4 national appearances in weightlifting, finishing 5th in this year’s nationals as a 87kg weightlifter, and 4th in 2018.  She is now also pursuing a master’s in exercise physiology from the University of Louisville to combine with her engineering degree in order to gain as much knowledge about biomechanics and the human body.


Laura coaches the Power House classes, weightlifting, and is currently the strength and conditioning coach for Oldham County High School and the barbell coach at Trinity High School.  She also started teaching Weight Training at UofL this year as a part time lecturer. She loves working with kids and special populations.

Contact Laura



My name is Tiana. Having survived CPTSD, BPD, & ADHD for over 20 years, I have learned skills to live according to my own values & even create a life of peace and stability. Emotions are fleeting, but our resilience is constant. I am here to serve those like myself who have struggled with getting through activities of daily life, debilitating depression, self-sabotaging habits, and even mustering up the will to keep going.


I am here for you, specifically. 


Self compassion is the foundation of my approach with my clients. I specialize in helping people with severe symptoms of BPD, and other issues like executive function. I also promote tools & skills proven effective to help people with ADHD. 


Navigating in a society that is not inclusive to the diversity of it's people is hard, but you're not alone. You can not only survive in this place, but with the right support & habits, you can learn to thrive!


Please don't hesitate to reach out.

If you're interested in working with Tiana please send an email to

Jordan Schatz


Jordan specializes in working with teens and college students, as well as their parents, to build a customized self-talk system within their child to help with self love, acceptance, and advocacy. In turn, this will lead them to have success in the real world in their specific way and helps ease the parents worries about the effect of ADHD in their children.

If you're interested in working with Jordan please send an email to

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